Postdoc position in chiral separation open

Despite the great advances in stereoselective synthesis and chromatographic separation methods during the last decades of the 20th century, chiral resolution is still a major challenge in pharmaceutical, food, pesticide and fragrance industries, and a very costly step in the production process. The possibility to achieve chiral separation through alternatives methods is therefore appealing and has found renewed interest in the past decade. One idea is that fluid flows could induce chiral migration, as initially proposed by Howard. Achieving separation of enantiomers without the use of a chiral stationary phase, but just by flow is not fully understood, but if successful would be of great benefit to the pharmaceutical industry. Over the past few years, we have studied increasingly smaller chiral structures.  Your job is to shed light on the physical processes involved (you need a background in fluid dynamics, applied physics, or chemical engineering), and perform relevant experiments to push mechanical separation into the single-molecule domain. Knowledge on aggregation/crystallization behavior is beneficial. 

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