Horizon 2020 funding for European Training Network “MAMI” awarded.

This multidisciplinary network entitled: “Magnetics and Microhydrodynamics – from guided transport to delivery” (MaMi) bridges the research fields of fluidics and magnetism, by taking advantage of magnetic forces to control local flows and cargo transport inspired by biomimetic systems. Using magnetic sources, as well as high magnetic susceptibility liquids or nanostructures, devices with unique anti-fouling properties and non-slip boundary conditions can be realized. Three PhD positions will open up in Strasbourg in September-October 2018. Feel free to contact us for more information!

Prof. Masatomo Iwasa visiting

Last week (1-8 Sept. ’14) we had a great visit of or colleague Prof. Masatomo Iwasa from the Aichi Institute of Technology (Japan). We’re trying to address the simulation of dissipative  supramolecular systems, which is of great importance to understand our experimental systems.

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